Aeropilates is the next generation of the legendary Pilates workout routine. If you have been looking for a workout routine that will give you the combined benefits of strength, flexibility, and now, cardio, you’ve come to the right place.

An aeropilates workout is the complete workout you’ve been missing!

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The Pilates Workout

The medical community supports the pilates workout as a means to increase overall strength and flexibility. Even the Mayo clinic touts the many benefits of Pilates, including:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Prevention and treatment of back pain
  • Improved posture and balance
  • Improved core strength and stability

Developed in the 1960s by Joseph Pilates, the workout style has become legendary within the dance community, where it first took hold.

Joseph Pilates worked with dancers in New York during the mid-1900s. There he was able to use his innovative workout style to “fix” dance injuries and keep dancers strong in all the right places.

The focus on core strength, flexibility, as well as alignment, has made Pilates the go-to workout, not just for dancers, but for athletes of all stripes.

The Core Focus

A Pilates workout engages the entire core, including the abdominal “side” muscles. Since so many midriff muscles, as well as some in the legs and glutes, make up the core, achieving a complete core workout requires specific movements.

If you can picture every type of sit-up imaginable, from deep-v to side to single-leg, you can start to imagine what a pilates workout entails.

You can perform specific core exercises on the floor, sans equipment. However, you can get more range and control if you use a stable platform. It’s no wonder why Pilates’ original name for his workout was “Contrology!”

To achieve a wider range, Pilates developed a device in tandem with the method. The contraption, known as a “reformer,” has been integral to the pilates workout since day one.

Many of the exercises involve floor routines that don’t require a reformer. However, many Pilates workouts revolve around using a reformer, which combines tension bands with a movable base.

The Aeropilates Evolution

Pilates reformers have come a long way, and aeropilates reformers are the next generation of the revolutionary workout.

With aeropilates, you can get all of the benefits of Pilates, but with a lower impact on your body. Technology has allowed developers to decrease friction and increase efficiency. All the while, the reformers maintain their durability and capacity to handle weight and strength bands.

The result? An aeropilates workout that allows you to go even harder. Stamina aeropilates is the evolution that helps you build cardio, along with the core strength and flexibility that made Pilates famous. An aeropilates premier reformer makes this possible.

Evolve Your Workout

A stamina aeropilates premier reformer can give you the cardio you’ve been missing in your pilates workout. It’s worth trying if you want to evolve your training. Why not start today?

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