Did you know that not exercising can lead to 80% of muscle strength loss by the time you’re 65? Are you wondering what the secret to burning fat, building muscle, and being in great shape is?

While you might just do cardio or bodybuilding, it’s about combining different forms of exercise for the ideal benefits. In this article, explore the importance of post cycle therapy. Read on to discover how it’ll help your body return back to normal, and help you to avoid negative symptoms after a workout.

What Is Post Cycle Therapy? 

This is the course an athlete or bodybuilder takes after a cycle of steroid treatment. These supplements help your body return to normal.

In your body, testosterone is increased, and estrogen is decreased. This can lead to better health and muscle gains.

Why Post Cycle Therapy? 

Taking a post cycle therapy supplement such as on this page can help you to achieve your body goals. They’re taken to help you burn fat, build muscle, and improve your athletic performance.

It’s important to take it as directed and never abuse the supplement. They’re also beneficial since they help your body to produce its own hormones.

  1. Counteract Steroids

Some negative effects of steroids can include depression, dysfunction, and other symptoms such as gynecomastia. Post cycle therapy can counteract these symptoms to help your body return to normal.

  1. Maintenance

Post cycle therapy benefits include helping you to maintain muscle mass and keep fat off. These are the gains you experience from a steroid cycle.

  1. Hormone Production

Steroids impact the hormones in your body. Post cycle therapy supplements help your body return to normal. This helps to ensure your body is working properly and stabilizes hormone production.

When You Should Use Post Cycle Therapy? 

Once you’re done with steroids, you should begin post cycle therapy immediately. This is vital to ensure that your body returns to normal.

It’ll help your body to avoid any impairment of your body’s natural testosterone production. Without taking these supplements, your body might not return to normal. This can lead to the need for hormone replacement therapy.

Begin post cycle therapy about 2-3 days after taking your last steroid. This timing also depends on how long you take steroids for.

Recovery Tips

After taking steroids you’ll need to cycle off of them and give your body time to recover. It’s a good idea to go easy on your workouts during this time as well.

Eat a healthy diet and stay hydrated during this time. This gives you time as well to decide on new goals and your next workouts.

Post Cycle Therapy Ingredients

Depending on which post cycle therapy supplement you choose, that’ll impact the response it’ll have on your body. For example, HCG is often used by bodybuilders.

This is what stimulates the Leydig cells in the testes. This leads to testosterone production.

Nolvadex is important for when you’ve finished your anabolic cycle. It stays longer in your bloodstream than Clomid.

Clomid is estrogen that’s synthesized. It stimulates the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. This leads to the production of gonadotropic hormones.

How Does Post Cycle Therapy Impact You? 

Post cycle therapy can impact how you feel. This is because testosterone is at low levels and needs time to recover. It’s what’s used for building muscle.

It’s also important for mood, sexual performance, libido, and energy levels. You might also experience fatigue during this time. The side effects will be temporary that you experience.

Using Steroids

If you’re experiencing testosterone production disorders or muscle wasting, you can be prescribed anabolic-androgenic steroids through your doctor. If you decide to use steroids, ensure that you’re using legal supplements, and you’re not misusing them. Misuse can lead to harm.


This is one of the more common performance support options. You can find it naturally in meat and fish. Speak with your doctor before beginning this since it can cause allergic reactions or other side effects.

Dimethylamylamine (DMAA)

You can find this in weight loss and muscle-building supplements but it’s not safe. It can cause different complications such as shortness of breath, narrowing of blood vessels, an increase in blood pressure, seizures, and other symptoms.

Muscle Building Alternatives

You can build muscle in a healthy way such as eating plenty of omega 3’s, protein, and healthy fats. Some healthy foods can include tofu, eggs, lean fish, chickpeas, and quinoa.

Personal Trainer

If you feel like you can’t reach the muscle gain you dream of, consider hiring a personal trainer. They can help to ensure that you get into the shape that’s ideal for you.

Before hiring a personal trainer, it’s a good idea to read their reviews first. Find one who is within your budget as well. Considering a virtual trainer might be a less expensive option.

Muscle Gain Tips

Before beginning, it’s a good idea to set realistic goals for yourself so you don’t wind up overwhelmed. It takes time and patience to build the muscle mass you’ve always dreamed of.

Next, eat carbs. Carbs are important for building muscle since they help you avoid muscle loss and create glycogen.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that cutting carbs will give you your dream body. This is due to your body burning carb calories and not going after protein stores.

The Benefits of Post Cycle Therapy

Now that you’ve explored the benefits of post cycle therapy, you should have a better idea if it’s right for you. Looking for more workout tips? Check out our other articles today for everything from fitness to health.