Blue light is a type of light that is emitted by the sun in natural form. Artificial sources of blue light can be seen as our latest devices like smartphones, tablets, computers and many such devices. Blue light present in the sun is somewhere important to our body as it helps us energize and sends alert signals to our body. But such blue light coming out from our gadgets is too much extensive and is somehow harmful to us. Everyone is supposed to have different sleep cycle but usually, 24 hours is taken as average circadian rhythms in a human body. Our internal clock takes signals from the outside environment, thus during day time we are more active and we have an increased reaction time whereas in the night time our body feels automatically tired and sleepy. Visit you can get more information.

Exposure to blue light has an adverse effect on our body during nighttime. One can catch diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, depression and obesity. The reason for such effects in our body is that we have a melatonin hormone, which is release to regulate our sleep cycle. When our body is exposed to light it reduces the secretion of melatonin. Here even the smallest part of the light can also affect a person’s circadian rhythms. Any kind of light can disturb circadian rhythms is a body but particularly blue light has a much more powerful influence. Researchers have found that exposure to blue light can decrease the melatonin secretion for about two times as compared with the green light.

People have been seen shifting to LED lights from the traditional incandescent lightbulbs due to the reason that these LED lights are much more energy-efficient. But on the other hand, they also release an increased amount of blue light. All these forms of blue light whether coming from a blub or devices at the nighttime will affect the quality of your sleep. The reason why it is often said that before sleeping all such devices should be turned off.

So we know how essential it is to protect our bodies from blue lights in the night in order to have a healthy body. Although the most effective ways to improve your sleep quality can be simply by shutting off the phones and computers at night. Now as are phones are becoming smarter we see features, which give you an option to change the light settings of your screen for the night time. Also use of red dim lights instead of others during night time can be very effective to reduce the blue light effect on your body. As red is a color, which does not disturb our circadian rhythms. Certain people who are going for night shift duties prefer to wear blue light blocking glasses. It has been observed that such tinted glasses can reduce the effect of blue light on the least. For a healthy and quality sleep, it is advised to read books before hitting the bed.