Trying to cope during a birth injury case can be difficult. If you or your baby have been hurt during the birth process, it can be hard to concentrate on other things while your birth injury attorney handles your medical malpractice claim. In seeking professional help for your own mental health, reaching out to supports, and turning to your partner for intimacy, you’ll be more prepared to handle the stressors that come with a birth injury claim.

Seeking Professional Help

If you’re like most parents with a child who’s suffered a birth injury, you’re likely pretty busy. Between meetings with healthcare professionals and tending to your baby, you have a lot on your mind. Maybe you’re coping with grief after a wrongful death or having difficulty with family members in these challenging times. Reaching out to a licensed therapist or psychologist could be a good start in helping to navigate the waiting period during a birth injury case.

Many people believe that they have to have a mental health disorder to experience symptoms of anxiety. Others think that mental health services are only for those with suicidal thoughts or severe mental illness. The truth is that counseling can help with any level of grief or stress. If your child has been injured, there are normal stages of grief you will go through. You might also feel a sense of loneliness, even if connected to a support group for parents of children with disabilities. Regardless of whether your mental health problems are new or you’re having a difficult time with the grieving process, seeing a therapist could be the best way to cope with all you’re facing. Not only can a therapist help you to navigate the process of waiting out a medical malpractice claim, but they can give you additional tools to make moving forward easier.

Being Part of a Support System


Even if you aren’t ready to see a therapist, there are other ways to help your overall health. For some people, it’s staying busy and even helping others as part of their own healing process that works best. Maybe you have friends going through stressful situations, too. Sharing your problems and vulnerability with them could help you both get through the struggles ahead. Perhaps your friend’s child is struggling with their own mental disorder and suicidal ideation, and you can be there to listen when your friend is worried about the dangers of poor mental health for teens. That is, in forming a social network where you help each other equally, you’re both more likely to experience better mental health outcomes that will put you better positioning to help your kids.

Focusing on Your Partner and Relationship


With so much going on due to your medical malpractice birth injury claim, it can be easy to lose your libido and take your partner for granted. It’s normal for sexual activity to decline during times of stress. Your energy levels may be down, and you’re likely tired at the end of a long day of advocating for yourself and your child.

If you and your partner are out of sync in the bedroom, now is a good time to get back on track. By maintaining healthy connections, you’ll be better equipped to help each other work through stress. Consider natural supplements aimed at boosting your stamina in bed or planning a date night where you can reconnect. The stronger your connection, the better you’ll be able to work together to advocate for your baby.

At the end of the day, you’ll never be able to distract yourself enough to reduce all anxiety around your birth injury case. However, by finding the right attorney, surrounding yourself with support, helping others where you can, and taking care of your primary relationships, you’ll be doing yourself a favor as you wait your medical malpractice case out.