Juul is a kind of e-cigarette that has become popular among the teenagers and young adults. It does not resemble an ordinary cigarette. It looks more like a USB device – small and rectangular – and so the adolescents can easily hide it from their parents and teachers.

Interesting point to note that such an e-cigarette can be easily charged on one’s computer by inserting the device into the USB port. The users can easily experience the euphoria of inhaling nicotine by taking in the heated vapor from the charged device. You can easily charge up this tobacco-less apparatus as soon as it runs out of juice.

What is Juuling?

Juuling refers to an innovative smoke-free option of vaping that involves converting vapor into nicotine-filled smoke. The e-cigarette contains extracts of nicotine but no tobacco itself. According to the National Cancer Institute, Juul contains a solution of flavorings, nicotine and other chemicals, many of which are extremely injurious to health.

Juuling involves no use of tobacco. However, it delivers nicotine as effectively as its conventional counterparts and as a result, nicotine quickly gets into the lungs and spreads to the brain.

Due to the potential harmful effects that Juul may inflict on users’ health, anyone under 21 years is not legally eligible to buy the product. Unfortunately, such a legal restriction is often violated just like what we see in case of traditional cigarettes widely used by the younger people. The reality is,Juulis very popular among the middle and high school students. Experts are concerned about the ill effects of Juul as its high nicotine content is very scary.

Health Hazards of Juul

Nicotine is very addictive and can produce several negative effects on the brain. It is more harmful for adolescents because brain development continues until the age of 25. According to several researches, nicotine has a heavy impact on the particular areas of brain, which are responsible for impulse control, emotions and decision making.

There are several health hazards linked to Juuling and these include:

  • Long-term use is likely to cause more damages than smoking traditional cigarettes.
  • It’s a fatal attraction among the adolescents.
  • It may lead to an increased risk of getting addicted to long-term use of nicotine products.
  • It poses high risk for heart diseases as nicotine causes a rise in blood pressures.
  • It may cause DNA damages and that could enhance the risk of carcinoma.
  • It may cause respiratory or lung diseases due to use of chemicals resulting from artificial flavoring.

Public Concern

Juuling has created a wave of vaping sensation among the teen and young adults. As it has some serious effects – already mentioned above –growing use of Juul and other e-cigarettes has become a matter of serious concern for the public health officials and medical professionals. In fact, they are of the view that long-term use of e-cigarettes causes more harm than traditional cigarettes.

Final Words

If any of your loved ones has suffered any kind of health hazard due to short-term or prolonged use of Juul, the person is entitled to bring a Juul e-cigarette lawsuit against the manufacturing brand and demand for compensation claim.