Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of us are working from home to maintain social distancing and spread of the contagious virus. Most of us are keeping our laptops on our laps and have not definite space for work. Working from home is fun, but you don’t want to hurry your neck or shoulder. You might not think this but sitting properly while working can be highly beneficial. You might not get the working environment at home as you will get in your office, but you should do everything in your reach to safeguard your joints and muscles. Given below are some of the tips that can help you to deal or avoid neck pain that might occur while working from home:

Feet Firmly On The Ground

You should keep your feet flat on the floor and slightly ahead of your knees, basically anywhere between the 90- to 120-degree angle. In order to lessen back pain, you should use a lumbar support cushion, and if it is not available, you should use a small throw pillow.

Keep Your Neck-Free While Talking

You might be attending some important board meetings from home. You should use earbuds, a headset, or speakerphone instead of tilting your head to hold your phone between your neck and shoulder. If you don’t use earbuds, you will put a strain on your neck as these board meetings can go for hours. So, use them.

Find A Workspace

This is something that everyone talks about, but no one does anything like this. Most of us work from our bed. This is wrong as your bed is good for sleeping and not for sitting continuously for 9 hours. You should find a place at home, and label it as a workspace. This will not only reduce neck pain but will also enhance your productivity.

Take Breaks And Keep Moving

Even if you are sitting in the best posture, you will still get aches and pains as a result of sitting in one position for too long. You should set an alarm to remind yourself to get up once an hour. You can do the following things:

  • Do arm circles to get your blood flowing
  • Try to touch your toes
  • Slowly roll your shoulders
  • Try doing some jumping jacks
  • Stretch and walk around
  • Run in place

These activities will not only help your body but will also help you with your concentration. If possible, you can do phone meetings, while walking.

If You Feel Neck Pain, You Can:

  • Ask your family member to give your body massage.
  • Take a hot shower with magsnesium sulfate
  • Put ice on the affected area

Get In Touch With Your Doctor If Feel Any Pain

If you are feeling pain in the neck or shoulder due to prolonged sitting, you should consider talking to a physical therapist or orthopaedic surgeon. However, this might cause some strain on your pocket. But no worries, if you will buy health insurance, you will get financial support in the case of a medical emergency.

Above mentioned tips and one bonus of having a health insurance policy will surely help you deal with neck pain while working from home.