Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new disease, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is limited information about risk factors of this pandemic. However, CDC states that people of any age group who have severe underlying health problems and older adults have a greater risk of having a severe illness from COVD-19

You must understand that while COVID-19 may affect everyone equally, some are at a higher risk of getting severely ill from the virus. For most people, staying in self-quarantine and buying a Coronavirus health insurance policy should provide adequate safety. For others, special measures are required.

People who are more vulnerable to COVID-19

According to CDC, the list of people given below are more at risk of serious illness after contracting COVID-19.

  • People over 65 years of age
  • People who stay in care facilities, such as hospitals or nursing homes
  • People with serious lung diseases
  • People with severe or moderate asthma
  • People with heart conditions
  • People with weak immunity
  • People with serious obesity or a Body Mass Index of 40 or more
  • People who have diabetes
  • People with damaged livers
  • People with kidney disorders who are undergoing dialysis
  • People with HIV

A weak immune system makes you more vulnerable to infections, and any illness can aggravate after contracting the infection. So, older people and people with pre-existing illnesses are more at risk. Moreover, older people generally have at least one serious illness, like heart disease or compromised lungs. Coronavirus can result in more damage to their already-weak health. 

How to assess if you are at a high risk 

Buying health insurance for Coronavirus and staying at home can safeguard you from unplanned treatment costs. However, it is also very important to determine if you are at higher risk. Your age and certain medical conditions can make you more vulnerable, but that is not all. 

Some other potential risk factors include: 

  • Taking certain medications
  • Poverty and being/living in crowded areas
  • Occupations that directly expose you to the virus
  • Pregnancy

Special precautionary measures for highrisk patients 

If you believe that you are at a higher risk of getting severely ill after COVID-19, you must: 

  • Stay at home
  • Wash and sanitize your hands frequently
  • Maintain 6-feet distance from people
  • Clean the surfaces in your home with disinfectants
  • Buy a comprehensive COVID-19 health insurance policy

 Make sure that your medicines are stocked up 

  • Stay in touch with your doctor and report any ill-health
  • Consume immunity-building foods and drinks

Even though a health insurance policy will only come into play in the event of hospitalization, it is an important defence to have at your disposal. Health insurance plans with a cover for Coronavirus will allow you to get the best medical care possible; all the expenses will be covered by the insurer. If your immunity is weak, you certainly need to take extra measures to stay healthy in such challenging times.