Is fitness extremely important to you? Are you having trouble visiting a gym, or do you want a home exercise set up but just don’t have the room? If so, resistance bands are a great replacement.

Resistance bands can do everything a gym full of equipment can, at a fraction of the cost and space. Below, we discuss 7 impressive benefits of resistance bands.

  1. You Can Work Almost Every Muscle

The beauty of resistance bands is that they can work almost every muscle in your body. A number of exercises are available to do with resistance bands, especially if you factor in the numerous types of bands now available. This means you can do a whole-body workout with just a few, handy-to-store items.

In addition to this, they let you adjust your movements in a way you can not when using machinery. Exercises can be done on both the horizontal and vertical planes. Exercises can be done standing or laid down.

  1. Resistance Bands Are Inexpensive

Resistance bands are relatively cheaper, increasing in value as you buy thicker and higher quality bands. They also have lots of variations for different types of exercises. However, even if you buy a whole set, the outlay will still be a lot less than other gym equipment.

In fact, once you have the resistance bands, you can start to save money on gym memberships immediately. They also negate the need for heavy and expensive weights and machinery in your home but do exactly the same job.

Finally, they are extremely portable. They can tuck in a bag, or you can store them in a cupboard in your home. All you need is a small space in which to exercise.

  1. They Provide Less Chance of Injury

Resistance band training provides lower strain on the joints while continuing to work the muscles in exactly the same way as other equipment. As loads are not bearing down or creating high impacts, very little strain is placed on the joints, making them ideal for anyone with problems in these areas.

As well as helping people with existing problems, resistance bands can aid those who are worried about joint problems in the future. If you take part in a sport or hobby that impacts your joints anyway, why would you double that strain by adding to it with weights in your training sessions?

  1. Benefits of Resistance Bands on Core Strength

The constant tension in a band is excellent for improving core strength. As it maintains its tension throughout the whole range of movement, your body must adapt and compensate in a way that does not occur when using weight machines and benches. As such, your whole core should improve.

This can also increase your balance, as you are always adjusting to stop the snapback from the bands. The pull of the band does not allow you to take shortcuts and use momentum to fulfill movements.

  1. They Are Great for Supersets

A superset is when you go from one exercise to the next without a break (or a very short one). Resistance bands are ideal for a number of reasons when doing supersets.

The first is the lack of space they take up. They can easily tuck under a weights bench or next to a gym mat, so they can be grabbed quickly and you can go fluidly into the superset.

Secondly, they can be used to challenge the same muscles you have just worked on your main exercise. They can quickly tire the muscles down, making them work harder than ever. You will feel like your muscles have been pre-exhausted.

  1. They Are Good for Stretching

Major resistance bands’ benefits are their ability to help your stretch after a workout. Many stretches require a limited range of movement unless you have someone to apply pressure for you. The band can take the place of that person, putting pressure and pulling areas post-workout.

Power bands are also very effective at mobility work. Tie them around other objects and use them to work on movement ranges.

These uses are also effective for anyone trying to rehabilitate. They cause light resistance to target specific muscles, improving the function, size, and strength gradually.

  1. They Come in a Range of Options

Resistance bands come in a range of options, and each one can help you perform a multitude of different exercises. All of this is without the use of a gym.

Bands with handles are great for replacing muscle building and lifting exercises. They can do the same functions as free weights or machines in the gym. Some have detachable handles so you can add more bands and increase or decrease the resistance.

Power and mobility bands are the heavy-duty resistance bands. They are used in crosstraining a lot, and many people use them to correct their posture when lifting. They can add variable resistance and also be adjusted for light stretching.

Flat bands are usually used for stretching and rehabilitation. They are easy to adjust and get a hold of, making them great for light exercise.

Leg and armbands usually employ a tube-type band. They are very muscle-specific and usually used when pushing outward and away from the body.

Start Working Out!

Now that you know the amazing benefits of resistance bands, all you need to do is start working out.

If you have the bands but need some exercise ideas, visit our handy blog. We have lots of articles on home exercise routines with and without bands, so you can get fit from the comfort of your own home today.