Many people that love cannabis are interested in experiencing a better high or improved benefits from cannabis over time. With regular cannabis use, tolerance goes up and this often has people seeking better cannabis products. Concentrates represent an excellent way that cannabis enthusiasts can improve their dose and enjoy larger potential out of their cannabis products. Here are some of the top concentrates that you could consider if you would like to try this type of highly potent cannabis.

Water Hash

This type of hash is produced using water or ice rather than a solvent and the overall goal of this concentrate is to ensure maximum PC filtration. Water hash often looks crystallized and like a small grain when it is done. This type of hash needs to be stored in a cool place and it can be enjoyed in edibles mostly.


This type of cannabis concentrate is amber in color and it looks like a resident. A small red dab of this stuff can be used in a bong, on a pen, and in vapes. Just a few inhales of shatter is all that is required for the same effects of several small joints.


This is very similar to shatter but it takes on more of a physical form and a resin-like form. Wax is often chalky and waxy in appearance and you can use it in the same way that you would a dab. Wax is often produced using a butane mixture and it has an extremely high concentration of THC. One inhalation from high concentrate wax often has THC equal to 12 smaller joints.


Rather than using a solvent, you can slowly squeeze the components out of the plant. This heavy pressure can produce a strong oil which is quite potent. Rosin can be used just like any CBD or THC oil.

Keep some of these top concentrates in mind if you would like to enjoy a better experience with marijuana and you’ve had an increase in your tolerance level.

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