Are you ready to fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee? If so, you need to try out the secret training tip used by boxers everywhere—jumping rope.

Yes, something as simple as a jump rope can transform your fitness, whether you want to improve your boxing or just increase your cardio health. Jumping rope can also 200 to 300 calories in just 15 minutes, so it’s an amazing activity for anyone looking to burn fat fast.

If you’re interested in trying it out, you might be wondering how to jump rope like a boxer. To learn more, keep reading to find seven key tips to help you improve your jump rope skills—and maybe even channel your inner Muhammad Ali.

  1. Wondering How to Jump Rope Like a Boxer? First, Invest in the Right Gear

Jump rope is a serious exercise, so if you want to get started with the sport, you need to make sure you have the right clothing and gear.

Shoes are one of the biggest considerations—here you can view these best shoes for jumping rope. Because jumping is such a fast and dynamic movement, you need shoes that will support your foot and ankle, protecting them from twists or sprains.

Make sure you find a pair that are comfortable and supportive, with enough padding and cushion to ensure your feet aren’t landing on the pavement too hard.

In addition to shoes, you’ll also want athletic wear that you can move around in easily. Ideally, look for clothes that aren’t too loose, as you don’t want a baggy t-shirt getting in the way while you jump.

  1. Find the Right Rope

If you want to hone your jump rope skills, you need to find the right rope. A pro boxer won’t jump with just any rope—instead, they’ll look for one known as a speed rope, which is plastic and can turn fast.

The rope also needs to be the right length for your body, so that it’s not too long or short. You don’t need anything fancy or complex, since a simple plastic rope will do just fine.

While most boxers train with speed ropes, another option is the heavy rope. These ropes are weighted and tend to weigh more than normal jump ropes, useful for strength training.

  1. Decide Where to Jump

Jumping rope is a high-impact activity, so you need to be careful about where you decide to jump. Hard surfaces, like concrete and asphalt, are best avoided, since they don’t have enough give and will provide a shock to your joints each time you jump.

Instead, do your jumping on a surface with a bit more give, which helps protect your knees and joints. Rubber mats, grass, dirt, or wooden floors are good choices.

  1. Practice Your Footwork

If you want to be a successful boxer, you need to be fast on your feet. Jumping rope is a fantastic way to improve your footwork, since it requires you to focus on agility, balance, and speed.

However, you can also combine your jump roping with other footwork exercises, including ladder drills, box jumps, and traffic cone drills. You may want to develop a training routine that combines jump rope with other drills, giving you an overall workout.

  1. Commit to Jumping Daily

Like any new sport, practice makes perfect. If you want to get faster and increase your stamina, you need to commit to jumping a few times a week.

You can start out small, as you’ll find that jumping rope can be physically exhausting. You could start with 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, then slowly build up the amount of time you spend jumping.

However, listen to your body, and if you’re feeling exhausted, it’s ok to take a day off. Cross-training can be a good idea as well, with many boxers also swimming, weight training, and burpees.

  1. Try Out Different Advanced Moves

Once you feel like you’ve mastered the standard jump, you may want to push yourself by trying out more advanced moves. This will also break up the monotony and make you feel more challenged as you work out.

A few moves to learn more about, if you want something new, include the double-under, crossover, and boxer step. You can even mix up the moves as you train, which may help you stay focused.

It’s easy to find tutorials for these moves online or any boxing coach should be able to help.

  1. Put Your Skills to Practice in the Ring

Some athletes may want to train like a boxer just to improve their fitness, but if you’re an actual boxer, it’s time to put your skills to the test!

After you’ve been jumping rope for a while, step back into the ring and see if you notice an improvement in your fitness and performance. You’ll probably find that you can react faster, have more energy, and feel more confident moving around in the ring.

Improve Your Jump Rope Skills With These Tips

Are you ready to box like a pro? Now that you know how to jump rope like a boxer, use the tips above to try out jumping rope and develop a training plan that suits your level of fitness.

Jumping rope will seem tough at first, since it’s an intense cardio workout, but over time, it will get easier. Plus, you’re sure to love the benefits it can bring to your health and fitness.

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