Just because you’re inevitably growing older doesn’t mean that you need to succumb to a defeated mentality where you’ve completely given up on the idea of being in good shape. Sure, the body can wear and tear over time. But, with a mindful approach to life and a solid game plan on how you’ll optimize your body as you grow older, there’s no reason you can’t continue to move through life with anything short of a healthy makeup. But where to begin? Let’s take a look at some easy, effective ways that you can stay in good shape as you get older.

1. Commit to an exercise routine.

An exercise routine doesn’t have to consist of insanely lengthy runs and rigorous Spartan-level workouts for you to be able to consider yourself healthy. If anything, striking that balance between an even-keeled and intense workout is one of the best ways to ensure that your body isn’t totally toasted for the rest of the week. So, maybe you’ll start up with some walks around the neighborhood. Perhaps the longevity of those walks will stretch out over time, and then you’ll progress to taking jogs. As long as your consistent with your roadwork, there’s no reason you can’t expect to make gains. The body is capable of adapting at a rapid rate. Just make sure that you stay hydrated amidst those workouts.

Maybe look into a water delivery service. By simply having a water cooler around your home, you’re more apt to make a habit out of drinking water regularly. Plus, spring water is unreasonably refreshing. Tap water’s great and all, but come on, you can’t sleep on the handy water dispenser. And then you’ll have those special days marked on your calendar for when you can expect the water company to show up with your water delivery. The water cooler could well become your new closest friend. Plus, water helps a ton with managing inflammation that could pop up from those workouts. While you’re at it, look into investing in a durable water bottle. You don’t want to have to deal with a ton of empty bottles around your humble abode.

2. Visit the doctor for regular checkups.

We get it. Entertaining the idea of walking through those intimidating clinic doors to visit a doctor can awaken the inner demon that is anxiety, like none other. You might find your mind possessed by all kinds of dark notions that there’s something terribly wrong with your body, and it’s only a matter of time before the doctor confirms your panicked assumptions. Well, slow down. Follow a few breaths in and out. Remember that those doctors are there with all their knowledge to help you. Maybe you’ve had an irritated bladder, some trouble with the urine flow, but you’re not sure if that’s a symptom of something more sinister. Don’t wait to find out. Issues with the urinary flow should be enough to motivate a trip to the doctor’s office.

Perhaps you’ll end up learning that you have an enlarged prostate, or you’re someone who has already been troubled by sporadic prostate issues. The good news is that the doctor is the best person to help you resolve the matter that could be present with your prostate. You can also get proactive about your prostate health and look into the offerings like Phytage Labs Prostate 911. Phytage Labs offers all kinds of helpful, all-natural supplements to support prostate health. Incorporating some natural supplements intended to promote your prostate health is an easy way to encourage the possibility of the best results at those doctor visits. Just make sure you read those labels to avoid any unwanted side effects.

3. Eat smart.

When the times get tough, it’s dangerously easy to fall into vicious cycles of eating all the unhealthy comfort foods that you can get your shaky hands on. The key is to remain present, strong and exercise your willpower when you feel those intense sugar cravings and carb load desires flaring up. Turn your attention back toward loading up on vegetables, fruits, omega-3 fatty acids, and lots of fish. Your body loves all those nutrients. On top of boosting your overall health, you’ll also be promoting brain health while you’re at it. With upwards of 7.7 million cases of dementia each year, that’s all the motivation anyone could need to eat smart.

We’ve covered a handful of effective tips that you can take with you as you grow older and remain committed to staying in shape. The great news is that you’ve already taken a step in the right direction by diving into a list like the one here. So, get after it. You well might have a new water dispenser waiting for you in your future. As well as some exciting new supplements for that prostate health.